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My Mother's Day is starting out like shit.

Got woken up early this morning to take care of cat pee that missed the litter box, cat sick on the carpet, and ants in the cat's food bowl. Then I got to make breakfast for my husband. Yipee. Tried going back to bed, but the phone rang - it was my husband's Gma, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and to tell us to call his mom, who has been in the hospital for a couple weeks now.

Try to go back to sleep, with hubby who is only just going to bed for the night at this point, but can't sleep because the boys are playing video games and being very loud. So I take games away for now from them, and my eight year old has a meltdown about it. Tell him to stop crying and I get yelled at about it.

Tried to sit down and Watch "Anne With An E" on Netflix, which I started the other day, only to get out volumed by the boys' tablets playing youtube. So now I'm just sitting here, kind of pissed off, with nothing to do. I have no interest in playing Sims right now. Even if I wanted to play WoW, I have to check on the eggs I'm boiling for egg salad periodically. I don't even want to write. So what's left?

Just a ball of pissed off feelings, that's what.



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